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Rainforest Game 2nd Edition Extra Sticker Pack

Rainforest Game 2nd Edition Extra Sticker Pack
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An Exploration into Virtual Leadership and Collaboration
by Amy Judith Tananbaum

The Rainforest Game - Second Edition is an insightful, realistic hands-on simulation designed to provide individuals with the opportunity to experience communicating and collaborating across the boundaries of a virtual team. As participants work both within and outside of their assigned group to complete the activity, they face personal assumptions about intra- and inter-team dynamics. In doing so, they build awareness of the challenges inherent in a virtual environment and how to overcome them.

The Extra Sticker Pack contains 5 sheets of 8 stickers each.
In the game, each team is represented by an endangered animal or insect. The stickers help identify to which team participants belong.

About the Author

Amy Judith Tananbaum is the principal of Results By Design, a global consulting firm that builds individual, team, and organizational capability through learning design, coaching, organizational consulting, and facilitation services. She has a Master of Science degree in Social Psychology from The London School of Economics and Political Science, an M.B.A. from Boston University, and a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. You can find more information at

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