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You Can Teach Anyone to Innovate!

You Can Teach Anyone to Innovate!
Free webinar from HRDQ Presented by co-author Ronald Roberts
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You Can Teach Anyone to Innovate
Duration: 55 minutes
In a world where doing less with more is the norm, it isn?t just leaders who need to be innovative.  It requires the entire organization to embrace innovation in order to achieve and sustain success.   Hosted by co-author Ron Roberts, this webinar will show you how you can teach your audience to be innovative.  He?ll explore the differences between innovation and creativity, discuss a 7-step innovation process, and introduce outrageously fun and effective ways to foster a culture of innovation in any organization.  

You?ll Learn:

  • Innovation ? what it is and why it?s critically important to organizational success.
  • What are the clear differences between innovation and creativity?
  • How to teach anyone to tap into their innovative talents.
  • Fun, exciting, and effective ways to teach people how to be innovative
  • An easy-to-apply and internalize innovation process model  
About the Presenter
Author Ronald Roberts
Ronald Roberts is a recognized consultant, trainer, and author. An expert in the field of accelerated experiential learning, he has created more than 70 games, tools, and digital applications; and he holds six patents on learning technology. Ron has a master?s degree in counseling psychology, serves as the president of Action Centered Training Inc. and of ACT Games companies, and is a professor in both the management and communications departments at Penn State University.  
Aired on Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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