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Coaching Skills Inventory 3ed Online Assessment Individual Registration

Coaching Skills Inventory 3ed Online Assessment Individual Registration
Online Assessment
Item ID:0528E3OLA-SU


Coaching Skills Inventory is designed to help you recognize when and how to use the skills necessary for conducting effective coaching meetings by assessing how successfully you use the six steps defined in the Coaching Meeting Process Model.

Individuals are presented with an inventory of 18 coaching-related statements in which they must choose the most likely action they'd take. The assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Results reveal scores in each of the six steps.

This purchase enables registration for a single use of the Coaching Skills Inventory online assessment. Individuals receive an email message containing an access link. Results are generated immediately upon completion and a personalized report is promptly delivered to the assigned email address.

Note: If you need to administer this assessment to multiple learners, please click here for more information.

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